Lee's torture of slave girls

Lee's torture of slave girls
DId Lee torture young slave girls?

Frederick Douglas On Lincoln

Here below is part of  Frederick DOuglass speech about Lincoln. He was dedicating a statue to Lincoln in Washing DC.   He was speaking to Congress, the Supreme Court, and to history.  And he was speaking to future generations.

No one - no other black man, no other white man -- had the ring side seat that Douglass had to Lincoln.  A slave himself, an activitist, a genius, he knew not only Lincoln, he knew the onslaught Lincoln faced, from enemies in the North, and in the South.    

These were not idle words by Douglass.  This was his finest speech -- to Congress, to the Supreme Court, the Senate.   This was the performance of his life.   And he made a special effort to speak here to future generations that would come, so that they might understand this man Lincoln.
Lincoln's enemies would persist, to this day --although at his enemies  then in the South accused Lincoln of being for equal rights, today his enemies in the South accuse him of NOT being for equal rights.   Douglass weighs in on that debate, and after he does, no rational man can dispute Douglass' claimes.
Really an amazing speech by an amazing man, at an amazing time. 
Parts of it equal anything by Lincoln, anything by Martin Luther King.    I will send the whole speech another time, here is one part, a part that should be put in a movie, though no actor could do it justice.  In fact, phrases of this speech were lifted by others -- JFK apparently took some phrases. 
WIthout further ado....
Frederick Douglas -- April 14,1876
Let it be told in every part of the Republic; let men of all parties and opinions hear it; let those who despise us, not less than those who respect us, know that now and here, in the spirit of liberty, loyalty, and gratitude, let it be known everywhere, and by everybody who takes an interest in human progress and in the amelioration of the condition of mankind, that, in the presence and with the approval of the members of the American House of Representatives, reflecting the general sentiment of the country; that in the presence of that august body, the American Senate, representing the highest intelligence and the calmest judgment of the country; in the presence of the Supreme Court and Chief-Justice of the United States, to whose decisions we all patriotically bow; in the presence and under the steady eye of the honored and trusted Cabinet, we, the colored people, newly emancipated and rejoicing in our blood-bought freedom, near the close of the first century in the life of this Republic, have now and here unveiled, set apart, and dedicated a figure of which the men of this generation may read, and those of after-coming generations may read, something of the exalted character and great works of Abraham Lincoln.
that is just one part.   The specifics and full speech, I will send later.